Nissan Leaf Battery Exchange

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Nissan Leaf Battery Exchange

Nissan Leaf electric car

With the UK government looking to ban petrol and diesel cars by 2040 we will certainly seen an increase in the use of electric vehicles on our roads. One of  the big issues at the moment is the cost and longevity of the batteries used. A Nissan Leaf battery for example costs over £4000 to replace. This in turn can affect the resale value of an electric vehicle.

Nissan has recently announced that starting in May 2018, owners of the company’s electric Nissan LEAF can for a fee exchange their Leaf’s battery pack and receive refabricated ones. To do this Nissan is using the battery-refabrication facilities of 4R Energy Corp, a company established through a joint venture with Sumitomo Corp. The old Leaf battery packs will be refurbished and all defective cells replaced. At the moment this will only be offered in Japan.

As the uptake of electric cars increases, the number of used batteries will increase significantly. Nissan hopes by offering a battery exchange service it will help lower running costs and increase the used value of electric cars.